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What can I find on this platform?

This platform has been developped in order to bring all the alpine communities working and implementing actions in the six dimensions of smartness (Smart Living, Smart Governance, Smart Mobility, Smart Economy, Smart Environment, Smart People). This platform is dedicated to create links between communities, present the good practices and innovations within the 6 countries of the SmartCommUnity project.

  • Toolbox

    Helps communities implementing actions: Smartness assessment, cocreation toolkit, collection of best practices among Europe, Test areas analyzer.

  • Forum discussion

    Network with other Alpine communities in their own country and elsewhere in Europe, to discuss a range of issues: mobility, agriculture, housing, economic development, etc.

  • Smart Areas presentation

    See of other communities working on smart actions and their transition.


This platform has been designed to enhance the user experience and engage users through gamification. Want to find out more?

AI knowledge-base

Ask our AI chatbot about pilot areas, smart transitions and everything smart villages related in your language.

The Test Areas

The Smartcommunity project presented above is based on the development of smart communities in different countries in the Alps and their support in the development of activities related to the six smart dimensions. Click on the pictures to discover them!







What is this about?

Europe’s rural and mountain areas, both in perceptions and in practice, still lack urban areas’ level of attractiveness to work and live, the same level of (public) services, the same level of  innovation in the economy and the same awareness of their own assets. This is mostly due to a lack of digital infrastructure, a lack of high-level (public) services, a gap in digital skills and competences, a lack of tailored smart actions and policies and a subsequent lack of economic opportunities that often result in instances of depopulation and economic decline. Digitalization is an opportunity for rural and mountain areas to catch up with the assets urban centres have.

Smart Alps Network

An informal network of alpine smart villages and regions, which aims to:

  • disseminate the Smart Villages approach and foster the smart transformation in mountain and rural areas in the Alpine arc,
  • encourage the exchange of information and experiences among Smart Villages and Smart Regions within the Alpine area,
  • transmit a modern image of mountain and rural areas,
  • foster contacts with similar networks and initiatives for mountain and rural areas all over Europe.

SmartCommUnity project

The SmartCommUnity project aims to support Alpine rural areas, using all the benefits of digitalization, embracing smart transitions and creating a functional transnational community within EUSALP AG5 Smart Alps. Interactive and user-friendly digital tools enhancing transnational matchmaking and leading-by example will empower new areas to follow more advanced areas, and territories will develop a community approach to create smarter, greener, more sustainable, resilient, and attractive rural areas.

How the two are linked?

One of the action of the SmartCommUnity project is to develop the Smartalps network in all the EUSALP countries .