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What are we talking about ?

Smart communities are communities of people, in mountain or rural areas, that are proud and aware of their identity, their territory, their craftsmanship, their products and their close-knit social fabric, and that want to become active players in determining their own future, owning and driving the changes that the future, and any digital transition, may entail. Smart communities are open to innovate, to learn and to inspire, and to work holistically towards smart and green rural and mountain areas, that are lively and lived, that aim to become carbon-neutral and that can be or become attractive to live and work for all age groups.

SmartCommunity platform

What can I find on the platform ?

This platform has been developped in order to bring all the alpine communities working and implementing actions in the six dimensions of smartness (Smart Living, Smart Governance, Smart Mobility, Smart Economy, Smart Environment, Smart People). This platform is dedicated to create links between communities, present the good practices and innovations within the 6 countries of the SmartCommUnity project.

  • Get to know the different test areas

    Presentation of test areas and activities developed

  • Forum Discussion

    Chat with the other communities

  • Smartness assessment

  • Toolbox

    Find the content that will help you to mobilize your community, implement actions, create a better future for your region!

Our Active Members

When an unknown printer took a galley of type and meeting fari scrambled it to make a type of specific specimen book.


Gamification is a way to  help users engage with the content in a more interesting way than what would happen in the absence of gamification (with achievements, tasks, points...)

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The Test Areas

Get to know the test areas of the project

Österreich (Austria)


Slovenija (Slovenia)​



Italia (Italy)


Deutschland (Germany)

Schweiz (Switzerland)


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