This platform has been developed regarding the need of creating Smart communities that could exchange practice and engage towards Smart village pathway, adopting innovative tools embracing the functions of both civic engagement tool and gamification approach.

There are two aspects of gamification on this platform BEING developed: 

  • A progression through the platform’s various functions. In order to develop a real community and foster attachment to it, every action you take on the platform (discussions on the forums, consulting articles, contributions such as writing articles, etc.) will earn you points and achievements that will enable you to reach different levels of contribution: level 1 – newbie, level 2 – observer, level 3 – contributor, level 4 – supercontributor, final level – local hero, etc. 
  • A gamified course enabling you to create, develop and train your own smartcommunity and develop actions to promote the transition of alpine regions.To accomplish this, you’ll have to follow a path with different actions to implement. Each stage you complete will enable you to move on to the next and gradually achieve a successful smartvillages approach – graphic DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL.
  • Gamified course can be adapted to trigger rewards events.