Region Luzerne West - Canton of Lucerne

The region Luzerne West is a rural area with different valleys around a big hillside called “Napf”. It is consisted of several small villages which face demographic challenges, as well as challenges in terms of mobility and use of empty stores in the village centers. Napfbergland is a beautiful, truistical area. During weekends people from nearby cities come to the area to enjoy the nature and beauty of the Napf. But they usually they get there by car which leads to roads blockages, noise pollution, and many visitors.

Main focus

 Research & Innovation

Challenges addressed

  • Propose smart mobility solutions for the tourists visiting the are on the weekends, which can be also used by the local citizens during the week.
  • Reviving (reusage of empty stores) the village centers.

Pilot solutions

1) Organization of workshops with a focus on smart mobility – a set of workshops to achieve a smarter mobility in Napfbergland (Romoos, Doppleschwand, Luthern, Menznau, Hergiswil bei Willisau communities), with the participation of Napfbergland Association, will be delivered. 

2) Organization of workshops with a focus on smart economy – a set of workshops in the 27 communities in the Region Luzerne West will be organized to achieve a smarter economy in their village centers.